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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Congress to Display Innovative Studies and Developments

Solutions concerning ways of adding value to paints and coatings are going to be highlighted in the program, which is also to comprise over a hundred papers by experts from all over the world.

The Science Committee for the 15th International Coatings Congress has begun its review of submitted papers with a view of putting together a program consisting of lectures and poster presentations. The papers entered for review are characterized by high technical quality, an innovative profile, and technological development, and are also in line with the main goal of the show, which is to add value to paints and coatings.

In the limelight are going to be studies involving coatings designed for all sorts of applications and covering quality- and performance-related themes, such as durability, strength, hiding power, and drying technologies, as well as the role coatings play in fighting corrosion.

With a powerful, innovative profile, the ensemble of papers received also underscores major contributions to advancements in areas like application of nano-technology, the latest solutions in microbiology, use of raw materials from renewable sources, reuse of industrial process waste, improvement in indoor air quality, and energy efficiency in buildings.

As part of ABRAFATI 2017, the International Coatings Congress is taking place on October 03 through 05 at São Paulo Expo. It is going to be a three-day trade show featuring 90 lectures plus dozens of papers at the Poster Session, the ABRAFATI-RadTech Seminar on Radiation Curing, and four Plenary Sessions conducted by globally recognized industry personalities.