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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Antonio Carlos Lacerda to go over scenarios for coatings supply chain

Plenary Session opening ABRAFATI 2015 to highlight challenges and opportunities in the industry for the next few years

Antonio Carlos Lacerda, chairman of ABRAFATI’s Directive Board and senior vice president at BASF for South America, will be the lecturer at the Plenary Session that will officially open the International Coatings Congress on October 13.

He will present his reflections on the outlook for the paint and coatings supply chain in Brazil and South America, concerning both prospects for growth and changes the market will go through.

Lacerda believes there is this great potential for increasing sales volumes that goes far beyond overcoming the current economic situation. Among the challenges to be tackled, he mentions the need for a better understanding of current and future user demands and for more recognition by society of the benefits coatings provide.

“This calls for research and development efforts to be aimed at quality, performance and sustainability improvements and, whenever possible, at adding new functionalities to existing products. At the same time, we need to make paints increasingly friendlier from the application standpoint and to develop campaigns to communicate well how our products contribute to protecting, preserving, embellishing and adding value the surfaces and products on which they are used,” says Antonio Carlos Lacerda.