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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


Other programs:

Industry-Specific Quality Program

Coordinated by ABRAFATI, the Industry-Specific Quality Program (PSQ, the initials in Portuguese) for Decorative Paints is an integral part of the Ministry of Cities’ Brazilian Habitat Quality and Productivity Program (PBQP-H), which aims to update and improve the quality of products used in the building and construction sector.

Since its implementation, which kicked off in 2002, the outlook for decorative paints has undergone a significant transformation that resulted in 90 percent of the total volume sold in Brazil adhering to minimum quality requirements.

Over the course of the years, as actions were launched by the Program, dozens of technical standards were published, and several of those were revised later on, many manufacturers have brought the products up to compliance and begun to invest in improvements. Most of the nonconforming brands have either adjusted or been driven out of business.

As the federal and state governments were turned on to the importance of quality, the market for nonconforming brands has been constrained since they are neither allowed to be sold to housing projects nor eligible for listing on construction financing schemes or for sale using the BNDES Card (BNDES stands for National Economic and Social Development Bank). Additionally, the pressure has built up from public prosecutors and consumer protection agencies calling for a halt to both production and sales of technically noncompliant paints and coatings—which has already led to recalls of nonconforming paint products, as well as binding compliance settlements between prosecutors and manufactures that fail to abide by the rules.

Manufacturers subscribing to the PSQ produce paints and coatings up to the applicable standards from more than 40 industrial sites located in all regions of Brazil. That extensive footprint, combined with a broad network of distributors and retailers, enables recognized quality products to reach all Brazilian consumers.

As of 2017, a new stage began in the trajectory of this winning program. Currently an ongoing process, it is raising requirement levels, encouraging innovation, and adding consumer value. Known as PSQ2, it will deliver even more substantial results and push the quality of decorative paints to a higher level, with benefits for the marketplace and all of society.