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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association

Pocket Magazine

Pocket Magazine


2015 has begun under the effect of adjustment, which goes in the right direction to correct problems, distortions and unbalances, while seeking to restore the confidence of economic players.

For the most part, we consider the path on which the conduct of the economic policy has now gotten to be right, notwithstanding that we may be of different opinions in some respects.

The year, as anticipated, will be a challenging one. Adjustments always cause pain, and this will be no exception. However, once we have this period behind us, we will be in a better position to advance.

What we have to do now is work hard, use our creativity, innovate, and take action to make this year better than it promises to be. Towards that end, ABRAFATI 2015 will be very helpful, serving as driver of business and technological evolution.

Bringing together a rather substantial contingent of highly qualified professionals, on the one hand, the event will provide an open space for negotiations, discussion of new ideas, formation of partnerships, and networking. On the other hand, by being there, people will be able to see the state of the art in the industry, become familiar with trends, and identify the paths leading to the coatings of the future —which indisputably include sustainability.

The results for 2015 will depend on our attitude. Difficulties do exist, and they can be viewed either as insurmountable obstacles or as challenges to be overcome. The notion that should guide us on this journey is that irrespective of the state of affairs, there are always new opportunities to be created and to be found.

Dilson Ferreira
Executive President

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