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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association

Pocket Magazine

Pocket Magazine


We have reached the 100th issue of our Magazine, a milestone that makes us proud and comes along with responsibility. Proud for looking back and realizing how much we have valued, since the beginning of ABRAFATI’s activities, our communication with the various publics we relate with. And the responsibility is for carrying on and continuously improving on this principle of disseminating information and knowledge via our communi- cation channels.

In this issue, which celebrates this important milestone, we highlight the main subjects that have been on the agenda in the course of these 27 years in print, starting with the “ Informativo ABRAFATI ” (ABRAFATI News- letter) back in 1987.

A review we conducted shows that our activities have strongly evolved in many respects: we have grown a lot as an industry and as an Association; many challenges have been overcome; numerous initiatives have been successfully implemented; we have gained recognition and representa- tiveness both nationally and globally. At the same time, it is apparent that new challenges have arisen, as have opportunities for us to keep moving forward towards sustainable development in the industry, our primary goal.

Keeping up with the times, Revista ABRAFATI —our main publication— is becoming 100-percent digital, starting from this issue, with the release of a version specifically designed for this purpose. Together with the printed version, which will continue to exist, it is one more way of having the information and contents we produce reach the publics who need them.

Dilson Ferreira Executive President

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