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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association

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We are on the verge of the World Cup, one of the events that has the most visibility around the globe and will be watched by more than three billion people, according to estimates from FIFA.

Hosted by Brazil again after 64 years, the tournament was supposed to be an opportunity for us to show the world our country’s power and potential, while advancing in many areas at the same time, so as to leave Brazilian society a very favorable legacy, particularly in terms of transportation infrastructure and improvements in big cities. As far as that goes, the results didn’t quite live up to the expectations. However, there are positive aspects to celebrate even before a possible victory of the Brazilian team.

The coatings industry has done its homework. It has prepared itself technically, commercially and logistically to meet the demand associated with the event, arising both directly, from the construction and renovation of stadiums, and indirectly, from complementary works required in the 12 host cities. It has also been alert to the opportunities coming along with the atmosphere created by the World Cup being held in the country, in that it stimulates the painting of buildings, vehicles and even streets, walls and other urban spaces.

Some of the results of this preparedness on part of the industry will be visible to everybody during the games, and will bring us future benefits. After all, the stadiums certainly represent a great showcase of what paints can do, with sustainable and technologically advanced solutions to beautify, protect and differentiate the most varied of surfaces and construction works.

Dilson Ferreira
Executive President