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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



With 25% More Lectures, Congress Will Show the Current State of Innovation and Sustainability in Coatings

Experts from all over the world will show the latest developments and main research efforts in progress.

The program for the International Coatings Congress is defined and can already be viewed on the website for the show. For this edition, a large number of papers have been received which add important knowledge and open new horizons for technological evolution. To ensure that all relevant contents would be presented, the Science Committee for the event has recommended an increase in number of lectures: there will be 90 of them in the course of the three-day event, instead of 72, which was the previous standard.

The division of lectures into the six auditoriums will follow a theme-based logic, so as to facilitate the organization of each congress attendee’s schedule. The names assigned to the rooms clearly indicate the contents of the papers to be presented in each of them: Resin & Emulsion, Pigment, Additive, Paints, Coatings, and Environment.

The great umbrella under which the lectures are combined together is sustainability, which is currently at the core of the strategies of companies in the industry, reflecting in the work done at their laboratories and other facilities. Leading global experts will be showing what are the most innovative, most sustainable things around in terms of raw materials, formulation, application of technologies, performance enhancement, functionalities and more.

“We will make a rather valuable contribution to scientific and technological development in the coatings supply chain. The extremely high-end program and the presence of the best professionals at both the Congress and the Exhibition make for ideal conditions to spread knowledge and to share and discuss innovative solutions,” says ABRAFATI’s executive president Dilson Ferreira.