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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Paper Submissions for the Congress Open Until May 20

Deadline has been extended for another 15 days in response to several requests from those interested in presenting their studies

Professionals in the coatings supply chain and academic researchers interested in presenting their studies and developments at the 14th International Coatings Congress have gained some extra time to register.

The deadline for submitting abstracts to the Science Committee for consideration has been extended to May 20, as suggested and requested by several potential participants, particularly from abroad, who represent more than 50 percent of all lecturers.

The new deadline applies to both oral presentations and those in poster form. Abstracts for evaluation must consist of 20 to 30 lines, and each must indicate the paper title, the main author, any co-authors, and the related institution or company.

“We’ve already received more than a hundred papers that have excellent contents and are very innovative. That allows us to say we are going to have a very high-end Congress with sustainability as a key theme, as it is present in all papers, either directly or on the background. The extension will facilitate the participation of more experts and further add to the quality of the program,” ABRAFATI 2015 coordinator Telma Florêncio points out.