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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Key Suppliers to Take Part in ABRAFATI 2015

Event viewed as essential for creating new opportunities and strengthening market presence

More than 110 companies have already assured their participation at the 14th International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers, which will take place in October of next year as part os ABRAFATI 2015.

The great interest in the purchase of booths during the launch of the show reaffirmed the industry’s confidence in it, which is viewed as a business and technological development driver, while representing a strong stimulus to the search for the innovative and sustainable solutions.

“The presence of a very significant group of suppliers is already assured, and they will introduce their latest developments and be ready to discuss solutions to the requirements of coatings manufacturers in connection with such aspectc as innovation, sustainability and performance”, says Telma Florêncio, director of Corporate Events at ABRAFATI.

Telma points out that there still are great spots available in the exhibit space. “Booth sales are in progress, creating opportunities for companies who want to showcase their products and services to a very broad market. Right now, we are giving priority to suppliers operating in Brazil, and later we will extend our sales to foreing companies coming here to prospect for business”, she says.

Sales: (55 11) 4083 0505 / rita@abrafati.com.br

Click here to see the Exhibition plan view and the exhibitors that have already confirmed their participation.