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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association




Manufacturers have provided innovative solutions for the construction of stadiums and other facilities associated with the mega sporting event. At the same time, they have benefitted from other business opportunities brought about by the contest.

Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup represents a great moment for the country of soccer, notwithstanding that criticism does exist about the related spending and problems with the organization of the event.

The opportunities presented to the paint and coatings supply chain were varied, beginning with the supply of coating products for different surfaces of the 12 stadiums to be used in the tournament. Manufacturers had no trouble at all meeting the requirements imposed by the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football). The technology they use, as well as their compliance with international standards and adaptation for methodologies like LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design), ensured their eligibility as suppliers.

Concentrated in the host cities, the numerous works associated with the event have also allowed the industry to provide the most advanced solutions it has for a wide variety of applications, such as complementary structures for the sports arenas, public transportation, airports, hotels, and many others.

Adding to these major paint sales drivers is another factor that may not be noticed so much because smaller areas are involved: the investments that the local people have made to improve their homes and cars, reflecting their wish to show the quality of their property to the friends and relatives with whom they will watch the games.

More visible in the urban landscape are the colors yellow and green or images alluding to soccer that are traditionally painted on walls and streets by the residents themselves. Some manufacturers and construction companies have invested in this activity this year, decorating hoarding walls around building sites and painting murals in places of high circulation.

The stimulus to business activity in general and the strengthening of their brand images are additional significant benefits pointed out by the relevant companies.

Getting in the Mood

Paint sales typically grow more than usual in World Cup years. The main factor explaining this growth is the sense of optimism and euphoria brought about by the competition, which has repercussions on both direct and indirect paint consumption, as sales of products that are painted increase as well, even products that use small amounts of paint, such TV sets, cell phones, home appliances and others.

This good mood has taken a little longer to show for this World Cup, but it’s been there all along —as demonstrated by the countless promotion, advertising and marketing actions carried out by companies in all industries.

“Paint manufacturers and retailers, too, have been carrying out actions that have repercussions on paint sales and contribute to reaffirming the image of paints as products which impart major improvements in terms of beautification, protection and renovation. In this regard, the stadiums represent a great showcase for these attributes of paints,” concludes ABRAFATI’s executive president Dilson Ferreira.