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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Sustainability to Be the Key Issue at the Congress

Demonstrating the importance that the theme has gained, the term has become the motto for the event, encouraging the submission of papers focusing on increasingly environment-friendlier products and process that will give answers to the needs of society and the marketplace.

The main item on the industry’s agenda, sustainability is going to be the great umbrella at the 14th International Coatings Congress.

This orientation is confirmed by the papers already received by the Science Committee, many of which analyze and propose innovations in connection with production processes and coatings characteristics.

The program will provide an opportunity to discuss and learn about trends and solutions to the demands from product users and society at large. Highlighted themes will include the rational use of raw materials and energy, the search for alternatives in terms of more sustainable raw materials, radiation curing applications, reduction of VOC emissions, replacement of potentially hazardous substances, minimization of waste generation, reuse and recycling, as well as the durability of coatings and reduction of their application costs.

“Sustainability is the key issue at the Congress, and the papers reflect that. The tendency is consolidated for papers to focus on products and processes that represent advancements towards improving coatings performance, while producing reduced impact on the environment at the same time,” says ABRAFATI 2015 coordinator Telma Florêncio.

Paper Submission Deadline Closing In

To present a paper at the Congress, those interested must submit an abstract to the Science Committee for consideration by May 05. The entire process is conducted online via the website at www.abrafati2015.com.br.