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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Scientific Committee Underscores High Technical Quality of Congress Papers

Program to comprise current themes of great relevance to industry’s future.


Consisting of experienced professionals with solid academic backgrounds, the Scientific Committee for the 15th International Coatings Congress has thoroughly reviewed a record amount of papers to select those which have been included in the program. They came out with a rather favorable assessment, suggesting that the bar will be very high from a technical standpoint, and that many innovative research projects will be on display.

A member of the Committee for many years, José Valdir Guindalini, technical director at Axalta Coating Systems, relates he has noticed a rising technological level in the papers submitted for each edition and highlights the continuous advancement on environment-related topics. “Also noticed is a concern about the durability of coatings, with developments that are capable of self-repairing when damaged,” he says. He also calls attention to the launch of innovative additives and new molecules for raw materials that enable formulations to achieve improved performance.

Equally enthused is Eder Dela Justina, head of Liquid Coatings Development at WEG Tintas. “Concerning the themes, what draws my attention is the effort to combine technology with sustainability. For example, several authors have submitted studies pertaining to water-based coatings or raw materials from renewable sources. We’re certainly going to have a high-level program, with professionals participating who have in-depth knowledge of the issues they’ll be addressing,” he points out.