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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Registrations Open for Paper Presentations at the Congress

Program to involve more than a hundred oral and poster presentations on relevant and innovative themes.

Professionals interested in presenting papers at the 15th International Coatings Congress can already submit them for assessment by the Science Committee for the event, which is taking place on October 03 through 05.

The Congress has long stood out for relying on the presence of leading experts from the whole world, whether serving the industry or in academic circles, comprising a rich program that contemplates cutting-edge research efforts, innovations and recent developments concerning paints and coatings in the most varied of respects. The main focus of this edition are ways of adding value to paints, including such key themes as performance, sustainability, functionalities, and ease of application. That involves the introduction of new ideas and solutions to issues relating to raw materials, production processes, customer services, waste reuse, and product life spans, among numerous other existing improvement opportunities.

To have their papers included in the lecture program and the Poster Session, researchers must send an abstract for assessment, also providing their professional information.

“Based on what has been happening over the years, we expect to receive a good number of high-level technical studies that must be original and relevant and can provide answers to the demands from consumers and the various markets served by our industry. Accordingly, the Congress is going to contribute to adding value to paints and coatings,” says ABRAFATI 2017 coordinator Telma Florêncio.