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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Radiation Curing in the Spotlight at the Congress

Seminar conducted in conjunction with RadTech South America to display main advances relating to this technology  

With the participation of globally renowned experts, the fourth ABRAFATI-RadTech South America Seminar on Radiation Curing is going to be one of the attractions at ABRAFATI 2015.

The seminar expands the quality program offered to attendees at ABRAFATI 2015, stressing the latest developments and trends pertaining to the use of radiation curing.

Featured themes include water-based UV coatings, which provide benefits in terms of sustainability and occupational health, as well as the new UV LED technology, which brings about several advantages, such as significant energy savings compared to the traditional UV technology. Various other innovations will be introduced in a series of 12 lectures on subjects like electron beam curing.

“The seminar will add value and convey to attendees knowledge of the latest, most innovative developments in the radiation curing technology. This technology has been gaining more and more importance in today’s reality because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly,” says Maria Cristina de Carvalho, chief executive officer, RadTech South America.

“In its previous editions, the seminar made important contributions by sharing knowledge and encouraging discussions that are essential for the future of the coatings supply chain. For this year, we are keeping up a high-end program that reflects RadTech South America’s commitment to select the most current and most innovative themes,” says ABRAFATI’s executive president Dilson Ferreira.