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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Radiation Curing: A Featured Theme at the Congress

Seminar held in conjunction with RadTech South America to demonstrate major advances in connection with this technology.

One of the attractions at ABRAFATI 2017 is the fifth edition of the ABRAFATI-RadTech South America Radiation Curing Seminar, which is going to expand and enrich the quality program offered to attendees at the show, stressing the latest developments and trends related to the use of this technology.

“Our expectation is to have high-level lectures on this theme, involving both traditional and other more recent techniques, such as UV LED curing, which delivers significant energy savings compared to traditional UV applications, or electron beam curing,” says Maria Cristina Kobal C. de Carvalho, chief executive officer at RadTech South America.

The Seminar will comprise 12 presentations by leading researchers from Brazil and abroad, who will be showcasing the main innovations in this field and the benefits provided by radiation curing in terms of quality, productivity and sustainability. Professionals interested in presenting their papers are already submitting them to the Congress Science Committee for assessment, which can be done by the end of April.

“As it’s been the case in previous editions, this seminar will add great value to the ABRAFATI 2017 program, spreading knowledge and sparking up discussions that are key to the future of the coatings supply chain,” says event coordinator Telma Florêncio.