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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Get Ready: The Main Event for the Coatings Supply Chain in Latin America Begins on Tuesday

Registrations for the Congress and to visit the Exhibition can still be done online. It’s the last chance to attend ABRAFATI 2015. 

The most important professionals and businesses in the coatings supply chain will be at ABRAFATI 2015, which starts on October 13 at Transamerica Expo, in São Paulo, comprising the International Coatings Congress and Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers.

Having sustainability as its central theme, the trade show will be a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge, do some networking, exchange information, discuss partnerships, and close deals.

At the technical conferences, the Poster Session and the ABRAFATI-RadTech Seminar on Radiation Curing, 150 studies will be presented, providing an overview of the paths being followed toward the paint of the future.

The four Plenary Sessions will feature the views of reputable personalities on key themes for the development of the coatings supply chain, such as competitiveness, sustainability, new technologies, and ethics.

At the same time as the technical program plays out, more than 200 leading global suppliers will be exhibiting a wide range of solutions and resources they provide to coatings manufacturers so that these can improve their processes and products in terms of sustainability, quality, multi-functionality, and cost-benefit ratios.

“At the Congress and Exhibition, products, technologies and applications will be emphatically on display which meet current and future demands from society and users. There, the future of the coatings supply chain will be under construction,” says ABRAFATI’s executive president Dilson Ferreira.