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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



English Version of Revista ABRAFATI 102 already on the Air

Issue Shows Adjustments and the Expected Upswing in the Economy.

With a summary of main articles of the Portuguese version, the new issue of Revista ABRAFATI in English can already be accessed on the ABRAFATI website.

The cover story shows ABRAFATI’s expectation that the coatings supply chain will face a complicated situation for a few months, followed by a slow and gradual upswing. The environment will be challenging, but more predictable than in 2014.

The issue also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and quality, two subjects which are essential for the future of the coatings industry. The main advancements related to these areas are presented, as well as their connections with the innovations that will be highlighted in ABRAFATI 2015.

Click here to access the magazine in English.