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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



At ABRAFATI 2013, seminar showed improvements relating to radiation curing

Promoted in conjunction with RadTech North America, it enriched the programming of the event.

The third ABRAFATI-RadTech South America Seminar on Radiation Curing was a highlight of ABRAFATI 2013. With a broader program involving 11 lectures and one panel, the event attracted a qualified audience, interested in knowing the main advances related to this technology and the benefits brought by it, especially those related to sustainability and productivity.

Leading researchers presented the latest developments and trends related to the use of radiation curing. In strong evidence, for example, was the issue of the transition to aqueous UV coatings, which provide benefits in terms of sustainability and occupational health, both for producers and for those who apply them. Another important trend shown in lectures was the use of LED-type lamps, which provide increased energy efficiency.

The highlight of the program was a panel on the current situation and prospects of radiation curing technology, which was attended by leaders of the different regions Radtech’s: Maria Cristina C. Kobal Carvalho (South America), David Harbourne (USA), Urs Laeuppi (Europe) and Flora Yuan (China). The panel reaffirmed the excellent prospects associated with this technology, which constantly incorporates new advances, such as those related to nanotechnology – the use of which is rapidly growing.

“The seminar has added valuable content to ABRAFATI 2013, presenting the various possibilities of current and future application of radiation curing in the coatings chain”, said Dilson Ferreira, ABRAFATI’s Executive President.