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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



Actions Foster Sustainable Development of the sector

The positive results achieved by initiatives from across the coatings supply chain have earned ABRAFATI and our officers important recognitions. As a result, the association has its image improved, as does the industry, in particular, making us more representative before the most varied of audiences.

One recent example was the traditional ARTESP Awards, where ABRAFATI was in the spotlight. These awards are presented annually by the São Paulo State Association of Coatings Retailers (ARTESP, the acronym in Portuguese) to those coatings manufacturers, suppliers to the industry and professionals who have boosted business and improvements in the marketplace, particularly through products, services and practices which bring benefits and growth to retail.

Selected from a survey conducted by the Vox Populi institute with coatings retailers in the entire state of São Paulo, the winners included Antonio Carlos Lacerda, president of ABRAFATI’s Directive Board, and executive president Dilson Ferreira, both of whom in the category “Recognition for Effective Contribution to the Coatings Industry”.

“Receiving this award was particularly exciting in that it shows our actions and initiatives have had a positive impact on a key step of our supply chain: specialized retail, which is where the direct interaction with coatings consumers occurs,” says Antonio Carlos Lacerda.

Quality in Construction

The award created by AFEAL (short in Portuguese for National Association of Aluminum Frame Manufacturers) to recognize personalities who have contributed to the development of aluminum frames and façades was also one of honors received by ABRAFATI.

Dilson Ferreira was one of the recipients for his prominent role in improving the quality of construction materials and stressing compliance with technical standards in his capacity is leader of the PSQ (Sectorial Quality Program) Managers Forum.

While presenting the award, AFEAL pointed out that, in command of the forum, “Dilson Ferreira has been wisely harmonizing the programs and their participants, while maintaining liaison with the Ministry of Cities and other governmental authorities.”

“It was a great honor to receive this award, as it recognizes the efforts ABRAFATI and the entire construction supply chain have been making so we have a more organized market that encourages innovation and quality improvement for the benefit of society as a whole,” says Dilson Ferreira.

Environmental Concern

ABRAFATI also received the 2013 Anamaco TOP Award in the Sustainability category based on the decision of a jury consisting of major construction materials retail personalities. This award is presented annually by the National Association of Construction Material Retailers (known for short as Anamaco) to companies and institutions involved in the construction supply chain for standing out in various areas, as did ABRAFATI with its case “Conscious Coatings Consumption and Proper Packaging Disposal upon Consumption.”

The winning project showed the education, sensitization and awareness-raising work done by ABRAFATI in line with the principles of sustainability for which we stand, as well as the guidelines of the National Policy on Solid Waste.

One of the main tools in use is a booklet entitled “Pintando de todas as cores, sem prejudicar o verde”, which roughly translates as “painting all colors without harming nature”, where simple concepts and didactic illustrations are used to educate tens of thousands of people who pick, buy, apply, specify, resell and produce coatings. While providing guidance on the proper disposal of packaging materials after consumption, this booklet prioritizes information on how to buy coatings in the right amount in order to prevent them going to waste. It also shows the appropriate way to clean up painting tools, following the guidelines from clean painting campaign “Pintou Limpeza”, which was carried out in conjunction with SABESP (São Paulo State Water and Sanitation Agency).

“We were very proud to receive this award, as it recognizes the work we do in this field and encourages the coatings supply chain to stay on the path of sustainable development of the sector,” says ABRAFATI’s executive president Dilson Ferreira.