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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



ABRAFATI SusTINTAbilidade: A Place of Information and Convenience for Visitors

Innovation introduced this year to focus on publicizing sustainable actions and practices.

Located in the middle of the exhibit hall, ABRAFATI SusTINTAbilidade has been created to show congress participants and visitors to ABRAFATI 2015 the entity’s most significant sustainability-related actions.

In a modern and laid-back environment, people will be able to view, on vertical and horizontal totems, information pertaining to six themes on which there have been significant accomplishments and projects with potential for great results: the industry’s Sustainability Program, the National Policy for Solid Waste, the Coatings Care Program, Regulatory Matters, the work done in this direction over ABRAFATI’s 30 years of activity, and, finally, the sustainability actions at ABRAFATI 2015.

In addition to the interactive way in which the information is viewed, ABRAFATI SusTINTAbilidade is also characterized by the convenience it will provide to visitors, who will have free access there to power outlets, smartphone/tablet chargers and WiFi.

“With this spot and the fusion of two words in its name, we want to show that sustainability and paints are themes that walk together towards a better future,” says ABRAFATI’s Sustainability manager Juliana Zellauy Feres.