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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



ABRAFATI Honors Professionals for Contribution

Dozens of professionals who dedicate their time and efforts to aggrandizing the coatings supply chain and promoting the sustainable development of the sector have been the leading players in securing ABRAFATI’s results and growing recognition.

By working at commissions and their respective companies, attending meetings, engaging in negotiations and sharing their knowledge and experiences, they contribute to making the Association’s job increasingly effective, and its voice more respected.

The 10 experts who formed the Scientific Committee of the 13th International Coatings Congress are an example of this ever proactive attitude for the benefit of the industry. Accordingly, at the close of 2013, these renowned professionals were honored for the key role they played in ensuring the very high quality that characterized the congress, which provided an overview of the innovations and trends in the industry.

On the same occasion, ABRAFATI presented a recognition plaque to a professional of great prominence in the coatings industry who was retiring: Mark Hyde Pitt, who served 10 years as president of Sherwin-Williams Brazil, where he was responsible for significant accomplishments and made a substantial contribution to the development of the marketplace.

Scientific Committee for the 13th Congress

  • Elaine Cristina Eiras Poço (AkzoNobel)
  • Gisele Bonfim (ABRAFATI)
  • José Valdir Guindalini (Axalta)
  • Leandro Galuschka (PPG)
  • Maria Ângela Pereira (Sherwin-Williams)
  • Maria Cristina Kobal Campos de Carvalho (Renner Sayerlack)
  • Paulo César Giglio de Souza (Valspar)
  • Wilson Carlos de Souza (BASF)
  • Ernst Blumenthal (Congress patron)
  • Jorge Fazenda (Congress Scientific Committee coordinator)