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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



ABRAFATI encourages conscious consumption of coatings

Booklet shows how to buy the right amount, avoiding leftovers and waste.

Celebrated on October 15, the Brazilian Day of Conscious Consumption was established to raise awareness of society and encourage more responsible and sustainable practices.

In line with this proposal, ABRAFATI has been working for some time on the awareness and consciousness of the public who deal with coatings so that the purchase of the product is done in the right amount, avoiding waste and scrap.
One of the main actions in this direction is a booklet illustrated “Painting of all colors without harming the green”, distributed to a wide audience and made available on the website of the Association.

The purpose of this publication is to show the user how to calculate the necessary quantity correctly, encourage reuse of unused paint (such as painting other locations, donations to individuals or institutions, etc.), and provide information about the correct disposal of post-consumer packaging.

“ABRAFATI works towards sustainable development sector and, therefore, positions itself in favor of new consumption habits. We do not want the consumer to buy more than necessary and, at the same time, we recognize the importance of having a more demanding, selective and well informed , will choose brands , products and services with lower environmental impact , leading to a better future for future generations”, said Dilson Ferreira , ABRAFATI’ Executive President.