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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



ABRAFATI celebrates 33-year anniversary, introduces new trademark

ABRAFATI held on July 17 a commemorative event with member companies and industry leaders to celebrate the 33rd year of its founding and to introduce one further step in its renewal and strategic realignment process: its new trademark.

After starting with an opportunity to socialize and network over breakfast for the 70 guests in attendance representing companies based in various parts of Brazil, the event proceeded with video presentations featuring the testimonies of two business people who were involved in the founding of ABRAFATI: Fernando Figueiredo, currently president of ABIQUIM (short in Portuguese for Brazilian Chemical Industry Association), and lawyer Luiz Aberto Delbuque Baccaro, who signed ABRAFATI’s charter. In a third video, IPPIC (International Paint and Printing Ink Council) secretary general Steve Sides paid homage to ABRAFATI for its anniversary, stressing the important role the association has been playing in the industry’s global discussions and in disseminating best practices in Latin America.

In keeping with the spirit of the previous videos, ABRAFATI’s own executive president Antonio Carlos de Oliveira remarked on the importance of team work and continuous improvement. “It’s testimonies like these that move us, that give us a sense of fulfillment, that inspire us to keep on improving. Accordingly, they are quite appropriate for this occasion, a time for celebrating while also thanking everyone here is this room for attending and, in particular, for the contributions they have made to the advances taking place in the work we do,” he said.

Taking the floor next, chairman of the Management Board Freddy Carrillo pointed out that the evolution being experienced is part of a sustained trajectory toward the future. “The first steps on this track were taken in 1985, and we have kept moving forward ever since, making course corrections as necessary, among them the one we have recently rolled out. While the road taken has been one leading to growth and development, the maps we used to follow are no longer any good—they needed some updating and refining because we now find ourselves in a completely different place that won’t stop changing,” he said.

The next attraction was a lecture delivered by Sergio Eminente, director at the consulting firm A.T. Kearney, explaining the efforts undertaken towards the strategic realignment of ABRAFATI and linking it to the constant need for innovation and renewal. The theme paved the way for the chief highlight of the day: the introduction of ABRAFATI’s new trademark in a video that made a strong impression.

The starting point for the design of this modern and stylish new trademark was a brazilin molecule—brazilin is the red pigment obtained from the brazilwood tree, which is associated both with the origins of Brazil and with paints. The hexagonal shape of this formula has been filled in with small circles that stem from ABRAFATI’s old symbol. The central circle represents ABRAFATI, which leads the way and boosts the industry in its permanent bonds with the actors represented by the other circles: its member companies, paint manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as retailers and product users, specifiers, applicators and consumers. It’s about all united, forming a hexagon that conveys a sense of movement and expansion, which reflects a strong, integrated and sustainable supply chain.