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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association




The most important event for the industry in Latin America will take place in October of next year, having sustainability and technological innovation as key themes.

ABRAFATI 2015, consisting of the 14th International Coatings Congress and 14th International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers, will take place next year, from October 13 to 15. As the event approaches, companies interested in exhibiting their innovations and professionals who want to share the results of their latest research efforts have already started getting ready to occupy prominent positions in the exhibit space at Transamerica Expo, and in the scientific program as well.

Stimulating technological development in the paint and coatings industry and helping it grow, ABRAFATI 2015 will focus on the search for answers to address the main present and future requirements affecting the industry and its products: sustainability, multi-functionality, high performance, and great cost-benefit ratios.

“These requirements applicable to paints and coatings, which will be in the spotlight at the trade show, mean great opportunities for the industry to lead the pursuit of technological innovations, boosting growth and exceeding expectations of both industrial users and end consumers concerning the most advanced and sustainable solutions,” says Dilson Ferreira, executive president at ABRAFATI.

Increasingly global, ABRAFATI 2015 will be an ideal occasion to see innovations in person, meet potential customers, close deals, network and interact with leading technicians and executives in the industry.

“With the participation of professionals who influence, decide and build the future of the supply chain, the conditions will be all there for the cooperative development of solutions that will pave the way to evolution in the industry and meet market requirements,” Dilson Ferreira adds.

International Interest

April saw ABRAFATI participate in the American Coatings Show and Conference (ACS), one of the most important events for the industry worldwide. One of the goals was to advertise ABRAFATI 2015 to the large specialized audiences who visit the American trade show.

“Brazil continues to draw a lot of interest abroad thanks to its potential as a market. Our participation at ACS confirmed this attraction exerted by the country and ABRAFATI 2015. We made many contacts and had a very positive feedback on our efforts to attract foreign exhibitors, visitors, lecturers and congress participants, who will provide a rather significant contribution to our trade show,” says Dilson Ferreira.