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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



ABRAFATI 2015 is already setting the coatings supply chain in motion

Event is the most important of the industry in Latin America.

ABRAFATI 2015 will take place in São Paulo next year, from October 13 through 15, gathering the 14th International Coatings Congress and Exhibition of Suppliers.

The presence of leading experts and top global suppliers will ensure the high quality of the event, one of the largest in the world. At ABRAFATI 2015, it will be possible to see the recent advances in scientific research, the most innovative developments, new solutions aimed at sustainability and cutting-edge technologies.

In three days, participants will have an overview of the trends and innovations that dictate the direction of the coatings industry.

“Together with the concentrated presence of professionals who influence, decide and build the future of the supply chain, the conditions will be given for the development – via collaborative processes – of solutions which will impact the evolution of the sector and respond to current and future needs of the market”, says Dilson Ferreira, ABRAFATI’s executive president. “Therefore, companies interested in presenting their innovations and professionals who want to share their latest research should already prepare to occupy a prominent place at the Exhibition, as well as on the scientific program”, he adds.