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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association




October 1 – 3
from 11 a.m to 8 p.m

With the presence of all major suppliers representing a broad range of innovative solutions for the paint and coatings industry, the Exhibition is going to provide an environment of strong motivation for business, bolstering the general perception of Brazil’s current and future potential.

The exhibition booths are the places of choice for showcasing products, exchange information and fostering closer relationship, which will drive growth across the supply chain.

Thousands of product launches and innovative solutions will be on display.

Lectures of products and services launching at the show will be available to all visitors to the exhibition.

Visitors are expected to number 15,600, up 10 percent from the previous edition.

Floor Plan

Upload the floorplan and choose the best booth for your company.
Updated ABRAFATI 2019 floorplan 

Be an Exhibitor

The Exhibition is a major showcase and brings about great business opportunities. The exhibit space is designed to allow you to show all of your potential, advertise high-quality products, introduce innovative solutions, bolster customer relationships, expand your business network and discuss trends in technology.
I want to exhibit

ABRAFATI – Corporate Events
Phones: (55 11) 4083 0503 / 4083 0504 / 4083 0502

From May 03rd, 2019

Free online
At the venue: R$ 80,00 (Brazilian Currency)

In a nutshell, benefits to those participating include:

  • – Discussing partnerships, technological and commercial agreements
  • – Networking
  • – Establishing contacts with major suppliers
  • – Getting to know the latest innovations
  • – Understanding industry trends
  • – Exchanging experiences and discussing new solutions
  • – Sealing deals

 Basic Assembly Standards

ASSEMBLY: From September 28th to 30th, 2019
DISASSEMBLY: From October 04th, 2019

  1. The booth design must be signed by a Brazilian professional registered with the Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture (CREA) or the Architecture and Urban Planning Council (CAU), and submitted together with the voucher for the temporary building permit charge.
  2. Designs must be previously sent to ABRAFATI for approval.
  3. Floor: Raised floor optional. If raised floor is used, then it will be compulsory to build a ramp for special needs individuals.
  4. Walls: No less than 3 meters and no more than 5 meters in height —floor not counted.
  5. Special designs: Need to allow a 1-meter clearance for the neighboring booths.
  6. Any blinds shall not exceed 50 percent of the linear length of the booth in meters.
  7. Mezzanine: Stepped back 2 meters to give ground to the street and ground to the neighbor. Charges for overhead space to apply at the same rate as for floor space.

Any assembling firms hired directly shall follow the rules of the Exhibitor’s Handbook (Exhibitors Manual) and comply with Brazil’s safety, quality, occupational health, tax and payroll/labor charge payment statutes.

The International Coatings Industry Suppliers Exhibitors Manual will be published 120 days prior to the event, with no changes to any of the foregoing ground rules.


In the satisfaction survey for the previous edition, 100 percent of the exhibitors said they would take part in ABRAFATI 2019, and 89 percent said their goals had been achieved.
14,600 visitors.
Check out some photos of the 2017 exhibition.