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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


About Us:

The Tenets of ABRAFATI’s Work

In 2017, to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by a new scenario, ABRAFATI outlined four tenets to guide our activity focusing on creating value for both our members and the industry itself. They are interconnected and complement each other towards boosting growth and sustainable development throughout the coatings supply chain—the chief objective of the work done by the Association. To wit:

  1. Advocate: Advocating the Industry’s Interests

    One of ABRAFATI’s main roles is to advocate, represent and advance the industry’s best interests, which includes preserving its institutional image, establishing key relationships, and developing regulatory and operational standards. This key role entails initiatives like the Industry-Specific Quality Program for Decorative Paints, other actions aimed at sustainability, and establishing connections with various governmental entities, as well as other sectors, including by taking part in the world’s most important discussions in connection with the industry.

  2. Capability Developer: Developing the Industry’s Capabilities

    The technical development of both the industry and the professionals who either are employed by it or apply the products it makes is a key concern at ABRAFATI. Accordingly, the Association fosters and boosts initiatives designed to make the industry’s various stakeholders—the management and technical staffs of paint manufacturers and their suppliers, painters, specialized retailers, and product specifiers and users—more knowledgeable and up-to-date, while furthering the use of best practices among them.

  3. Content Facilitator: Facilitating Access to Contents

    ABRAFATI works towards facilitating access to relevant contents for its member companies, the supply chain, and the public at large. Its main role has been to identify demands, assess existing possibilities for meeting them, act as a curator of such contents, and make them available. This is getting more and more important given the fast pace at which changes have been taking place in technology, societal behavior and regulations, as well as in several other respects.

  4. Networker: Providing Networking Opportunities

    Creating an industry environment that is as connected as it is beneficial to the entire supply chain is one of the priorities set for ABRAFATI’s work, which seeks to create favorable conditions and boost possibilities for interaction, networking and collaboration among professionals and companies alike.
    Several actions have been carried out toward that end, especially the industry’s largest event in Brazil and across Latin America, comprising the International Coatings Congress and the International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers, which bring together leading business people and companies, providing a wide range of valuable networking opportunities.