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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


About Us:

Mission, Vision and Values

To add value to members and to the coatings chain, attracting the participation of manufacturers and suppliers and leading joint actions with other organizations of the production, marketing and distribution chain.


  • To be acknowledged as leaders in the defense of the interests of the coatings chain.
  • To bring together the companies that operate in the coatings chain all over the country, in the segments of architectural, general manufacturing, automotive, and maritime coatings.
  • To enable the sustainable development of the industry.
  • To foster the continuing improvement of our members, the overall chain and users of coatings in the areas of quality, environment, health and safety.
  • To develop competence to be ahead of the transformations arising from the evolution of society, technology and law, contributing for the coatings chain to keep up-to-date and strong.
  • To promote the institutional image of the coatings chain that operates to improve life on Earth with beauty, protection and hygiene.
  • To foster technological research and development, ethics, loyal competition, and respect to consumers in the environment we work in.
  • To seek growth of the total coatings market, with the aim of maximizing the country’s potential.


  • Ethics and respect for the law
  • Socio environmental responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Transparence and open dialog with all stakeholders
  • Cooperation with all members of the Brazilian and international production chain