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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


About Us:

Global Representativeness

Global Representation

Brazil has been taking an increasingly prominent position globally. Besides the thriving market – now the 5th largest in the world – and the immense growth potential, the coatings industry has attracted attention from abroad by its successful initiatives and its active participation in discussions on key issues related to the future.

a-abrafati-representatividade-ippic-final-da-paginaABRAFATI has established itself as a respected voice in the world because of its seriousness and the innovative programs that bring tangible results that can be replicated, with the necessary adaptations, in other countries. In addition, the association always maintains a proactive approach in global meetings of the coatings industry – such as the IPPIC (International Paint and Printing Ink Council) and the Stewardship Committee of the Coatings Care program – suggesting ways and attitudes, integrating them in the study groups, and reaffirming the country’s role on the world stage.