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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


About Us:

About us

ABRAFATI, short in Portuguese for Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association, represents the coatings supply chain, which includes manufacturers and their suppliers. Founded in 1985, it has evolved over the years, keeping up with the growing complexity of both the business environment and the world.

The Association conducts a series of actions and programs designed to boost growth and sustainable development in the industry, focusing on four work tenets that are interconnected and mutually complementary: advocating the industry’s best interests (Advocate), developing the industry’s capabilities (Capability Developer), facilitating access to contents (Content Facilitator), and providing networking opportunities (Networker).

Recognized by its work and its track record of accomplishments, as well as the power of the industry it represents, ABRAFATI is a respected voice all over the world. It plays a major part in discussions involving key issues for the paint and coatings industry at various global and regional forums on related topics.

It is a member of LatinPin (Latin American Coatings Federation) and the IPPIC (International Paint and Printing Ink Council), playing a regional leadership role and reaffirming Brazil’s relevant standing on the world stage, where the country stands out as a major production powerhouse.