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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association

Market Indicators

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Market Indicators



  • Brazil is one of the world’s top six markets for coatings
  • Coatings for all kinds of applications are manufactured in the Brazil with state-of-the-art technology and technical competence comparable to that of the world’s most advanced manufacturing centers.
  • There are hundreds of large, medium and small manufacturers spread throughout the country. The top ten manufacturers account for 75% of total sales.
  • The world’s leading suppliers of raw materials and inputs for coatings are present in the country, either directly or through their representatives, along with national companies, many of them owners of high technology.
  • Total revenues in 2016:
    US$ 3,392 billion
  • Total revenues in 2015:
    US$ 3,054 billion
  • Volume produced in 2016:
    1,506 billion liters
  • Volume produced in 2015:
    1,318 billion liters
  • 2016/2015 result:
  • 2015/2014 result:
    – 5.6 %
  • 2016 exports:
    US$ 133 million (excluding graphic printing inks)
  • 2016 imports:
    US$ 133 million (excluding graphic printing inks)

Coatings industry segments:

  • Architectural coatings: account for 84.7% of the total volume and 69% of revenues
  • Automotive coatings (OEM): 1.9% of the volume and 4% of revenues
  • Vehicle refinishing coatings: 4% of the volume and 9,3% of revenues
  • Coatings for general manufacturing industry (home appliances, furniture, auto-parts, ships, aircraft, maintenance coatings, etc.): 9.3% of the volume and 17.3% of revenues
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